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open season


“The law should be an instrument of protection, but as Ben Crump details in compelling terms in his book, 'Open Season; all too often, the law itself is used to kill people of color both in and out of the courtroom."


– Dean Alfreda Robinson, President of The National Bar Association and Associate Dean for Trial Advocacy, George Washington University Law School




“Benjamin Crump’s work – his research, his voice, his fight – is paramount to the black community. Open Season must occupy a dominant place in the classroom, in libraries, in the workplace, in police training programs. Crump’s masterful voice and expertise of America’s corrupt power structures will alter the hierarchy by which we dangerously abide.”


– Patrisse Khan-Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter and

New York Times bestselling author of "When They Call You a Terrorist"




“Ben Crump offers a deft and unflinching expose on America’s treatment of people of color. He charges America to live up to its status as the great “melting pot” by protecting and serving all of its citizens. His passionate voice lifts the true stories of wronged Americans off of the page and emblazoned them onto our hearts. A mouth-gaping read from one of the most steadfast champions for justice of our time.” 


 –Kenya Barris, creator of Black-ish





Ben Crump is a warrior on the front lines of the war for social justice.  These notes from the legal battlefield of civil rights pushes us beyond lazy presumptions of where we are as a society to the hard truths of what we have achieved and how far we still have to go.”  



–Reginald Hudlin, Writer, Director, and Producer


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