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Open Season Book Cover.png


I started writing this book at the height of the Ferguson uprising after Michael Brown was killed.  I would like to thank all of the young activists and organizations such as Black Lives Matter, Hands Up United, and the Dream Defenders for their dedication to promoting and protecting the civil rights of people of color.  I acknowledge that I was compelled to write this book for all those young people who were marching for justice, standing face to face, or should I say face to an assault rifle, against the National Guard, ready to take on the system.

I will never forget this one young brother, who was standing literally with his nose practically touching the end of the barrel of a national guard assault rifle.  He was screaming, “you all keep killing us when nobody is looking, so go ahead and kill us now so everybody can see how you all kill us.”  I dedicate this book to that young Black teenage protester and the other protesters who understood it is important for the world to see how they are killing us.

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